Post-Molten Crash Updates from Donorbashed – Cataclysm Guides, and MoP Guides

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Figured I’d give you an update as to what’s gonna be going on with the guides here shortly. I have been talking with a few other Molten guide writers about adding their guides to the project, and have them join us as content writers. We will be adding Cataclysm, and MoP materials soon.


Update from me personally: I’m still on Molten, and instead of making a hunter (if you haven’t noticed I’ve become a tad bit burnt out on being a hunter), I remade my original character, a rogue. If you guys have any questions ingame, my name is Qutey on the Deathwing server (yes, I’m horde this time. Sue me :p.)



Updates to the guide, and changelogs

Hey guys!

I lied. I have returned to active play, on Lordaeron. My character’s name is obviously Donorbashed, so if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to message me.

One of my guildies, Bulkman from North Korean Charity, has helped me revise the rotation I recommend to those who are PvE MM. Previously, I recommended that you should have the following rotation:

Rapid Fire/Opening macro w/ SS > Chimera > Aimed > Readiness > Chimera > Aimed > Refresh RF > Steady Shot x4

However, after testing, I have found, that the best rotation should be:

Rapid Fire / Opening w/ SS > Chimera > Aimed > Steady Shot x4 > Chimera > Aimed > Readiness > RF > Chimera > Aimed

This rotation has increased my dps on a dumby from 9k, to 11k, and in ICC10 from 17k to 20k. So needless to say it’s a pretty significant increase. I recommend all of my hunter readers and apprentices to change their rotation immediately.

Xypher is also helping me keep my guide updated. All the collective changes we are making will be kept on a new Changelog page, which I will post shortly.


Thanks guys! Love ya!

Xypher’s Marksmanship Hunter PvP guide

Xypher’s Marksmanship Hunter PvP guide (3.3.5)


Hello, I am Xypher. A lot of people have been asking me for tips and tricks about hunter (I have explained everything in this guide to about 5-10 people and more people are asking me, that’s why I’m making this guide) and basically I will try to teach you the basics of an MM hunter in this guide. I will be talking about hunter abilities, glyphs, specs, gear, enchants, gems, professions, pets, rotation, general tactics, duels, 2v2 & 3v3 arenas, keybinds, UI & addons and macro’s.

Looking for a MM PvE guide instead? Check out, I am currently helping keeping the guide up to date in co-operation with Donorbashed.


I am currently PvE’ing on Deathwing under the name Xypherz (hunter) and Xypher (warrior). Feel free to send me a PM in-game. You can always mail your questions (PvP or PvE) at and I will reply asap.

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The Website is Restored!

Hey guys, like I said on the Molten forum, I have restored the website, including all links, and talent trees (which of course miraculously decided to start working.) I’ve been busy at school, and work, and have recently gained an impetus to restore this webste.


Thanks to all of you for your patience.

Screw Plagiarism!

The only reason that I keep this site updated, and periodically check Molten to update my guides to the latest fixes is because I enjoy taking credit for my very well made guides. I’ll be honest and not give you some bullcrap excuse. Which is why now, I’m asking any of my readers who would like to see more guides, and to see m0re of my guides (which there is a BM PvE Guide on the way, btw)



If you find any website, plagiarising my content (not sharing, plagiarising. IE taking credit for it) for ANY post on this webpage, please report it to me by emailing, with The site name, and the thread/page the stolen content is on.


I will also be posting a list of private servers, or guild sites that refuse, or do not respond to my inquiries, and a contact email for any administrator/site staff that I can find. You, as my readers are free to do with this information what you will *wink*.

Thank you all, I could not do any of this without YOUR help!

And chicken wings.

Molten-Wow & Sell Power Hunters in Wotlk 3.3.5a

Molten-wow & Spell Power Hunters in Wotlk 3.3.5a

Miku confused?


This article is meant to tell readers the facts about about SP (Spell Power) Hunters in Wotlk (Wrath of the Lich King) 3.3.5a on molten-wow and is written in direct response to all the debate topics that have appeared on molten-wow the past few years. In the course of this article we will discuss first what SP is and how it relates to hunters on molten-wow, then we will look at molten rules in regard SP hunters, and lastly the author will leave some comments based on the findings presented in this article and experience with the game before concluding.

What is spell power and how does it relate to hunters on molten-wow?

As some of you may be new to World of Warcraft or may need a refresher on what SP is, We must first discuss SP so everyone has a good idea what we are talking about and then we will explain how the stat is bugged on molten.

SP is a stat you can choose for your gems, enchants, and gear and as of Wotlk 3.3.5a it is a stat that primarily enhance spell classes like Mages, Shamans, Warlocks, and Priests. Hunters did have gains from SP on retail in patches before Burning Crusade but as of Wotlk 3.3.5a hunters are considered a physical DPS (Damage Per Second) class and therefore did not have any major gains from the stat on retail.

So if SP is such a useless stat to hunters in Wotlk 3.3.5a, you may be asking why are we talking about SP here? This is because on molten and meany other private servers that present WOW in Wotlk 3.3.5a there is a well known bug that did not exist on retail. This bug causes SP to give hunters far more damage then one normally would get from the stat and can actually surpass the damage one can obtain from traditional builds. Comments suggest that SP builds on Molten and other private servers with the same SP bug can actually produce DPS as high as 30K+ or more, far surpassing the damage any hunter could obtain with traditional BiS (Best in Stot) hunter gear from retail wotlk 3.3.5a.

Moltens Rules regarding SP hunters (Is it bannable?)

Now that we know what SP is and how it’s bugged for hunters on molten, we are going to take a closer look at the Molten’s rules in regards to taking advantage of the SP Hunter bug for extra damage. In order to find this out we must look at what molten-wow’s staff has to say about this. According to Aldtharios the Head GM on molten.

SP did not benefit hunters on retail for several patches before 3.3.5a at all, and yet you find items with it to be better here than BiS items. This is obviously an exploit and therefore not allowed.

Basically, this statement clearly says that molten staff does consider using  SP on hunters to be exploiting the game for extra damage. For newer people who don’t know what we mean by exploiting in wow. Exploiting is basically considered to be a form of cheating in the game.

Keep in mind that Morten’s rules are in place to protect the integrity of the game, especially when hard to fix bugs and other factors prevent things form working as intended.  Based on the statement above from the moderator, it is a safe assumption that the use of SP hunters on molten is not an intended practice.

In order to further explore this concept of exploiting, Moltne’s rules about exploiting are very direct. (Note: Sections relating to SP hunters have been underlined)

This may take many forms, but all of them are obvious. If you are profiting of any in-game advantage that shouldn’t be happening normally, its a bug exploit and the fault for abusing it is yours and whoever is doing it with you. Don’t blame the Server, GM’s or Developers for it, as it will only get things worse for you. Some examples of bug exploiting:

  • PvP in Sanctuary: People shouldn’t be able to attack others in Sanctuaries, like Argent Grounds and the entrance of Forge of Souls/Pit of Saron instances. Forcing it through magic is not acceptable.
  • Avoiding the AFK kick mechanism in Battlegrounds: Do not join Battlegrounds if you aren’t willing to help others to win. Using bots or anything else to keep you from being kicked by our anti-afk system is not allowed.
  • Exploiting skills: If certain skills/spells can be used in an unusual way to exploit and create an unfair advantage over other players, avoid doing so.
  • Exploiting a boss: Boss X hasn’t be officially released but you find a way to fight it with whatever skill you have; Boss Y can’t hit you and you can basically solo it due to some odd position;
  • Other smaller Exploits such as:
    – vehicle exploits.
    – leaving BG starter area before it starts.
    – Powerleveling (to bring a low level char to a high level zone to rush its leveling).
    anything else that gives you advantage over others that abuse the normal system.
    – The use of bots (which includes fishing bots).None of these things are allowed and bans for it can’t be appealed.

The punishment may vary depending on severity of the situation.

This basically points out that if you are using SP on a hunter, you will be punished for it the same way you would be punished for abusing any other form of in game exploit on Molten-wow.  So in answer to a lot of questions about SP hunters, in the worst case scenario it is possible that Molten Staff may choose to ban you for abusing the hunter SP bug if they feel it is necessary.

On a related note, Grace a Moderator with molten-wow also responded to a thread about SP hunters in a more general fashion by reminding players that…

If you see someone exploiting, report it to a Game Master using the information shown here.

Feel free to take advantage of the above post if you ever feel the need to report anyone for exploiting in the game.

Authors Comments

Given the overwhelming evidence I have gathered that we have just reviewed, I advises all Hunter on molten-wow playing in Wotlk3.3.5a with any SP items, gear, and gems on molten to remove them and stop using it.  I would also like to note to players based off my experience with the game that this form of exploit is far easier to prove then most other forms of exploits. Any player in game can use /inspect and review a players gear without add-on’s and can take a snap shot of it, as well as check anyone’s gear in the armory on the web site at any time without the owner’s knowledge. So if you are using a SP hunter, you can easily be reported for it by a player you have never had any real contact with before.


In conclusion, we have discussed that SP in Wotlk 3.3.5a is a stat meant for spell based classes and that hunters did not have great gains from it on retail during this patch. However, a well known bug on molten-wow and some other private servers causes SP to put out more damage on hunters then traditional BiS hunter builds. We have also discussed that molten-wow staff does consider the use of SP hunters to be exploiting the game for extra damage and have reviewed the rules regarding exploiting. We know from the review of the rules on exploiting that molten staff will punish players for being a SP hunter in the same fashion they would punish a player for abusing any other form of in game exploit and that being banned is a possible outcome for such conduct. We also noted where you can report exploiting if you should happen to see it going on in game. Lastly based off the overwhelming evidence, the author of this article advises players to stop using SP items on there hunter’s in Wotlk 3.3.5a as well as noting the ease at which one can be proven of exploiting this glitch without the owner’s knowledge.


Special thanks to Aldtharios Grace of Molten-wow staff  for posting about Molten-wow’s stance on SP hunters publicly on the forums so we can all be better informed.

Top picture found on Deviant art by okusee-nya

Bottom was taken in game by Miku with permission to use here by Lyndis.

And of course The Molten Community.

Fun stuff

This is a fun video about a player who obtained a GM shirt by mistake that used it to abuse the game. Much similar to the the same way hunters can abuse SP on molten. Tauren Guy

Lady's and Gents Miku, Lyndis, & Lady Silvaness


List of all 37 Tamable Moltend WOW Hunter Pet Familys, Wotlk & Cata

List of all 37 Tamable Molten WOW Hunter Pet Family’s, Wrath of the Lich King & Cataclysm

Ferocity Pets (Damage)

  1. Carrion birds (Demoralizing Screech) (Demoralizing Screech)Fi,M
  2. Cats (Rake/Prowl) (Roar of Courage/Prowl)Fi,M
  3. Hyenas (Tendon Rip) (Tendon Rip)M
  4. Moths (Serenity Dust) (Serenity Dust)B,C,Fr,F
  5. Raptors (Savage Rend) (Tear Armor)M
  6. Tallstriders (Dust Cloud) (Dust Cloud)B,C,Fr,F
  7. Wasps (Sting) (Sting)B,C,Fr,F
  8. Wolves (Furious Howl) (Furious Howl)M
  • Dogs (Lock Jaw)B,C,Fi,Fr,F,M
  • Foxes (Tailspin/Play)Fi,F,M

Exotic Ferocity Pets (Beast Master only, Damage)

  1. Core Hounds (Lava Breath) (Lava Breath/Ancient Hysteria)M
  2. Devilsaurs (Monstrus Bite) (Monstus Bite/Terrifying Roar)M
  3. Spirit Beasts (Spirit Strike/Prowl) (Roar of Courage/Spirit Mend/Spirit Walk)Fi,M

Cunning Pets (Damage Tanking Mix)

  1. Bats (Sonic Blast) (Sonic Blast)Fr,F,M
  2. Birds of Prey (Snatch) (Snatch/Trick)Fi,M
  3. DragonHawks (Fire Breath)(Fire Breath)Fi,Fr,M
  4. Nether Rays (Nether Shock) (Nether Shock)F,M
  5. Ravagers (Ravage) (Ravage)M
  6. Serpents (Poisen Spit) (Corrosive Spit)M
  7. Spiders (Web) (Web)M
  8. Sporebats (Spore Cloud) (Spore Cloud)B,C,Fr,F
  9. Wind Serpents (Lightning Breath) (Lightning Breath)B,C,Fi
  • Monkeys (Bad Manner)Fr,F,M

Exotic Cunning pets (Beast Master only, Damage Tanking Mix)

  1. Chimaeras (Froststorm Breath) (Frost Breath/Froststorm Breath)M
  2. Silithids (Venom Web Spray) (Venom Web Spray/Qiraji Fortitude)F,M

Tenacity pets (Tanking)

  1. Bears (Swipe) (Demoralizing Roar/Rest)B,C,Fi,Fr,F,M
  2. Boars (Gore) (Gore)B,C,Fi,Fr,F,M
  3. Crabs (Pin) (Pin)B,Fi,Fr,F
  4. Crocolisks (Bad Attitude) (Ankle Crack)Fi,M
  5. Gorillas (Pummel) (Pummel)B,Fr,F
  6. Scorpids (Scorpid Poison) (Clench)M
  7. Turtles (Shell Shield) (Shell Shield)B,Fi,Fr,F
  8. Warp Stalkers (Warp) (Time Warp)Fi,Fr
  • Beatles (Harden Carapace)Fr,F

Exotic Tenacity Pets (Beast Master only, Tanking)

  1. Rhinos (Stampede) (Stampede/Horn Toss)B,C,Fr,F
  2. Worms (Acid Spit) (Acid Spit/Burrow attack)B,C,F
  • Shale Spiders (Web Wrap/Embrace of the Shale Spider)Fi,M

Cannot be tamed (Oddity)

  • Hydras (Bellowing Roar)Fi,M

Note: Ghost Hydra could be tamed on retail as a Crocolisks due to a bug. In Cata Hydras where changed to there own pet family in the ferocity tree. However no known Hydras are tamable today so only people who got the Ghost Hydra before Cata have them and none are known to exist as pets on Molten-wow. Also I feel I should note that if this pet could have been included as a tamable pet on Molten’s cataclysm servers, it would have raised our pet family count to 38.

Expansion Key

  1. Wrath of the Lich King (Wotlk)
  • Added in Cataclysm (Cata)

Pet Skill Key

  1. Example pet (Wotlk family skills) (Cata family Skills) Diet key
  • Example Cata only pet (Cata family skills) Diet key

Diet Key

  • Bread=B
  • Cheese=C
  • Fish=Fi
  • Fruit=Fr
  • Fungus=F
  • Meat=M

Note: All cata pet skills are placed in a single list on my source material Pet Skills

Other resources

For more information on choosing hunter pets please check Donorbashed’s Guide. The Ultimate Post about Pets

To Browse pets in greater detail for Wotlk and Cata, Vocaloids recommends using Petopia on Wayback.


Wayback Machine
Molten wow community
fun pic Zerochan

miku okami

Donorbashed’s Survival PvP Guide 3.3.5a

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction: What is Survival?
  2. Gear + Gems
  3. Talents, and Specs
  4. Explosive Shot
  5. Lock ‘n’ Load
  6. Pets
  7. Tactics; General Gameplay
  8. Scatter Trap
  9. Useful Macros
  10. Anything Else I feel like adding

A. Introduction: What is Survival?
There are three specs in the hunter class. Two of which are both highly mainstream, and very worn out. These two specs are Marksmanship, and Beast Mastery. Nearly 90% of all hunters you see in battlegrounds, and virtually every hunter you see in arenas are one of these two specs. To the general Molten hunter population, almost nothing is known about this mysterious third spec called Survival. It remains part of the hidden knowledge only the elite have access to, and I don’t believe that is right.

Part of the reason that survival isn’t widespread, and mainstream is simply because of the fact that it is hard. Whatever arguments others may put in defense of MM, and BM, any veteran hunter can tell you, it’s just… Hard.

What Makes it so Hard?

Probably one of the easiest ways to answer this question is the fact that the play style is awkward at best. Survival depends a lot of AoE effects. I don’t mean just AoE damage, I mean effects. I’m referring to the traps, flare, Black Arrow, and Wyvern sting. (I know about 90% of you just said in your head that the other specs use all those abilities a lot too, I’ll explain what I mean later.)

We also don’t have the one-shot pew pew spell like BM (Bestial Wrath), and MM (Chimera Shot) has. Survival hunters need to think when they fight, with strategies, and improvisation, or else we won’t do any damage at all.

B. Gear + Gems:

Survival is mostly magic damage (fire, shadow, nature, arcane), so a decent amount of spell pen (75) is needed to cut through a buff that is usually on every enemy in a battleground: Gift of the Wild. And of course, if there are no druids on the enemy side, it’s still helpful against classes that have high amounts of resistance (Mages, Priests, Warlocks, and Paladins.)

For every other socket in your gear, the most appropriate gems are:
Red: Delicate Cardinal Ruby
Blue: Balanced Dreadstone
Yellow: Delicate Cardinal Ruby/Wicked Ametrine

Your best stat as a Survival hunter is agility, because of the AP, crit, dodge, and parry increase, but unlike MM and BM, you should not blindly stack all one stat to get as much agility as possible.

A lot of agility is fine, but having no health is just as bad as having no damage. And as a survival hunter your stamina multipliers are crazy high, as well as the fact that due to the talent Hunter vs. Wild, 10% of all your stamina is converted into extra RAP, and AP for you and your pet.

As for the Wicked Ametrine, I preferred to get a few socket bonuses (+6, and +8 agility only), if the piece does not have those bonuses, always gem a Delicate Cardinal.

Gear: Another way survival differs from MM, and BM is the type of gear we should use by choice. MM, and BM prefer PvE, and PvP pieces used in combination, trading in extra survivability for more pew pew. Survival on the other hand prefers ALL PvP, aside from trinkets, because I mean, even look at the name: SURVIVAL. The purpose of a survival hunter is to take a hit more like a warrior, than like a mage. It’s also the most versatile spec that can be used in close corners. So without any further explanation, the Gear list which is pretty simple:

-Wrathful Gladiator’s Set

-Wrathful Gladiator’s Triumph/Victory Offset

-Wrathful Gladiator’s 1handers (swords, axes, all the same. I think Axes look cooler personally.),

-Either the Wrathful Gladiator’s Longbow, or Falin’thrush, Defender of Quel’Thalas

Trinkets: I find I like the Medallion of the Horde/Alliance combined with a Corroded Skeleton key to be a great combination. Really helps you survive the ArP stacked Arms warrior. But any PvE trinket will do nicely. Deathbringer’s Will, or Sharpened Twilight Scale are both great options.

C. Talents, and Specs:
In most PvP guides, the guide maker tells you to make your own spec and experiment with different combos. But I don’t believe you can do that with survival; at least not when you’re in the guide-reading stage. The specs are just so complicated with so many different options, and multipliers to add up, and also many useless talents that seem to be viable, but in practice aren’t that contribute to wasted points, and potentials.
Below is a basic spec that is viable, and can be used for different things. I use a completely different build personally with my hunter, and I don’t intend to reveal it, as it’s part of my secret .

The build I recommend for beginnersThis is a nice basic build that will do all the things survival is meant to do. However, there are a few key things that can be optimized, and personalized depending on the hunter. This is not meant to be the end-all, be-all of survival specs. Once you have a decent grasp on survival, you should relook at this build and personalize to your needs:….30532133021010

D. Explosive Shot:

Explosive shot is the end-game talent tier spell you get at 50 points. To people that don’t know any better, it seems like kind of a let down when compared to Bestial Wrath, and to Chimera Shot. But let me tell you that it’s one of the best shots the hunter can have. In some ways it’s a lot better than Chimera Shot, and in some ways it is more versatile than Bestial Wrath.

Explanation: Explosive shot spelled out in dumby words is basically a 6 second dot that blasts the enemy for 3-4k every two seconds, for six seconds. Added together, that is from 9-12k damage in 6 seconds. That is 5.5k more than the average end-game Chimera Shot. And best of all, it has 4 second shorter CD than Chimera.

But as with anything in WoW, when you have an extremely useful, extremely powerful ability with a short cooldown, there is always a big downside. In this case, it is the difficulty of use.

E. Lock ‘n’ Load:

One of the major talents of the Survival hunter is called Lock ‘n’ Load.
(Copied from Openwow):

Lock and Load – You have a chance when you trap a target with Freezing Trap, Freezing Arrow or Frost Trap and a chance when you deal periodic damage with your Immolation Trap, Explosive Trap or Black Arrow to cause your next 2 Arcane Shot or Explosive Shot spells to trigger no cooldown, cost no mana and consume no ammo. This effect has a 22 sec cooldown.

As you can see, this is a fairly complicated talent. Basically, when your Freezing, Frost, Immolation traps trigger you gain an effect that lets you spam Lock and Load like a Paladin! But wait! Remember how I said that Explosive Shot was kinda hard to use properly? Well this is what I meant. Alone, Explosive Shot isn’t that powerful, or impressive at all. But when combined with traps, and Lock n Load, you can essentially three shot anything If you can do it correctly.

Easier said than done. Any decent PvPer knows hunter traps, and each class has the very simply tactic of how to avoid them (ie. Walk around them.) so getting people to fall for your, erm, trap can be difficult.

So how do you use Lock and Load effectively, and properly? Once you proc it, and you fire off your first shot, hang back three seconds before firing the next. Use this time to kite into a better position, refresh serpent sting/black arrow, or lay some traps.

Why? Because if you fire off the next Shot immediately after the first, you’ll do something called “clipping the dot”. Because the shot is still essentially a dot. And if you refresh the dot before it runs out, you’ll stop that lack tick of damage, robbing you of up to 8k of free fire damage just because you were impatient.

F. Pets:

Normally I hate guides that advise on pets. I really do, so instead of telling you the “best pet” for PvP, I will do two things.

  1. I’m going to show you this video someone posted on the hunter forum earlier tonight:…est-pet-video/
  2. And two, I’m going to give you a recommendation, along with pros, and cons of each pet, as well as the different play styles involved with using each.

Different viable pets to use:



  • High damage output
  • Two second Stun (Ravage)
  • Roar of Recovery (+30% mana in 3 seconds)


  • Very squishy
  • Low health
  • Stun based on hit rating (able to miss.)

Play style: Playing with a ravager is usually the easiest way to play, very basic for the beginner, yet potent enough to be competitive. But due to the squishiness of the pet, and Focus issues, a very limited style. This pet is best used when facing a melee class, or a melee heavy group of enemies.



  • Hard to kill
  • 4 second pin
  • Very few focus using abilities allows for supreme focus regeneration
  • Bullheaded
  • Roar of Sacrifice
  • Intervene


  • Roar of Sacrifice is bugged. Doesn’t work.
  • Intervene hard, and awkward to use due to pet collision, and LoS.
  • Pin bugged. Misses nearly 30% of the time.

Play style: This is a moderately more difficult play style, which requires a complete mastery of quick and efficient pet management. (Mastering pet management takes months, and months of learning. I haven’t even fully mastered it yet.) The abilities it has to prevent damage to you makes it a very potent partner when used correctly. This should only be used by an intermediate hunter. Very good against close quarter melee that like to stay exactly on top of you as much as possible (Rogues, Enhancement Shamans, and Demo warlocks in demon form.)



  • Roar of Recovery
  • Excellent focus flow (with ½ Go For The Throat).
  • Ranged root (4 secs.)
  • Poison DoT


  • Low Health
  • Ugly
  • Poison DoT is easily dispellable.
  • Ranged Root has bugged LoS in Warsong Gulch, and Blade’s Edge Arena.

Play style: Among the three separate play styles you can use as Survival. This is probably my favorite. This combines the ease of use of the Ravager with the extra utility of the Crab’s pin that doesn’t miss nearly as much. This is also the anti-hunter, anti-pure ranged pet, because you can root a target from up to 20 yards away. But it is also very difficult, because of the fact that you depend on your pet for the root more than you depend on the ravager for the stun. Therefore when they die easily, you’re at more of a disadvantage when the spider dies. You also need to have very advanced pet management in order to successfully use the spider in certain maps of the game. Anti-caster, anti-hunter pet. Best used with an advanced hunter.

G. Tactics; General Gameplay:
I said before that the survival hunter’s tactics are awkward. And that’s because you don’t have any rotation. At all. Not even a recommended order of shots to use. With MM, you have Serpent Sting > Chimera > Aimed > Arcane > Steady when you’re able to stand still, and BM is just Aimed > Arcane spam.

Most of Survival’s damage will come from Explosive Shot Specifically. So, unless you’re facing a Holy Paladin, it is always top priority. The reason Holy Paladins are different is because they only have one major healing spell, and that’s Holy Light. Pretty simple, and easy to counter. But when one missed Holy Light finishes casting, the Paladin can, and will be up to full health again. It’s always important to keep Aimed Shot up on him.

Otherwise, you must master kiting to the point you’ve never mastered before. Always stay on the uphill side of the terrain, and kite in a wide circular fashion, weaving traps when you get close to the enemy. Frost trap, or Snake trap is preferred. As your Lock n Load procs, Disengage downhill to maximize the distance gained, and fire off the first Explosive while in the air. Then lay explosive trap, and hit a black Arrow on your enemy. This increases the damage of your next two explosive shots. Then pop the second explosive.

By now, you should have your enemy down to about half hp through your dots, and this allows for more liberal use of your defensive cooldowns. Run toward your enemy who should still be uphill. As he enters melee range, pop deterrence, and weave in a snake trap to root and slow your enemy. Be sure to get as much running distance as possible. Turn around, pop your third Lock n Load, and lay down Frost trap while you refresh Black Arrow/Serpent Sting/Aimed Shot/Mark. Your enemy will run up to you, triggering the trap, and another Lock n Load. For additional CC, you can always weave in a Wing Clip with the trap, disengage downhill again, and Pop your Lock n Loads.

If you do that correctly, you should be able to beat any warrior, rogue, or Enhancement Shaman. Just repeat this tactic until dead.

For the ranged classes, it’s more about control than CC. As an MM, and BM hunter your survival depends on staying out of range as long as possible while you blast the sorry suckers a new rump. But if you read the name of the spec again, it’s called Survival. Meaning you can take a hit. Quite a few hits actually.

Your key to winning against the ranged classes is to find their deadzones. Every ranged class has a deadzone, and your ability to exploit this fact will hand you victory more often than not. You should stay in a tight circle around then about 5-10 yards away from them, preferably behind them. Stay behind them, and when they start something with a cast time, duck behind, and weave so they can’t cast it at you. Use your full interrupts. Freezing Arrow (Used for a convenient lock n load), Scatter Shot, Feign Death, Snake Trap (Mind-Numbing Poison), and Wyvern Sting.

For classes that are dependent on procs, or preexisting debuffs (Bleeds, Immolate, Devouring Plague/Vampiric Touch/SW: Pain, Scorch, etc.) You want to interrupt these spells above any other spell as they augment the enemies’ ability to kill you. Dispelling is also a very useful tool when considering casters (Stoneform)..

H. Scatter Trap:
If you decide to take up a survival hunter, and you enter the select group that has mastered the spec, you’ll hear of something called a Scatter Trap. It’s used by MM a lot, and is very effective. But in the hands of a survival hunter, it is a very deadly technique that just about every trigger-happy melee, and caster is afraid of.

Scatter trap isn’t an actual spell. It’s the name of a tactic that entails fooling your enemy into using his or her trinket, giving you a free Lock n Load, and allowing you to get to maximum range all at once. While you’re in the middle of a fight, make sure you let any DoTs from you drop off the target, and stop using explosive when your DoTs drop, then use scatter shot. This will disorient the enemy, and if he’s trigger-happy, which admittedly most of us are due to reaction time, he’ll trinket.

Since you’re a hunter and you don’t give a **** about someone’s trinket, you already have freezing arrow selected, and the green circle on the enemy. You shoot him with that arrow, and watch his face as he rage screams, and freezes for the full 8 second duration. You should use this time to gain distance, prepare traps, and think about your next 20 moves in advance, then blast him with a full on Black Arrow – Lock n Load barrage.

I. Useful Macros:
I will add to this as I see fit, Personally I believe that PvP macros especially are a huge secret, and I will use my own discretion revealing these.

J.Anything Extra:
Not right now. Later though.