Post-Molten Crash Updates from Donorbashed – Cataclysm Guides, and MoP Guides

Hey guys


Figured I’d give you an update as to what’s gonna be going on with the guides here shortly. I have been talking with a few other Molten guide writers about adding their guides to the project, and have them join us as content writers. We will be adding Cataclysm, and MoP materials soon.


Update from me personally: I’m still on Molten, and instead of making a hunter (if you haven’t noticed I’ve become a tad bit burnt out on being a hunter), I remade my original character, a rogue. If you guys have any questions ingame, my name is Qutey on the Deathwing server (yes, I’m horde this time. Sue me :p.)



Updates to the guide, and changelogs

Hey guys!

I lied. I have returned to active play, on Lordaeron. My character’s name is obviously Donorbashed, so if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to message me.

One of my guildies, Bulkman from North Korean Charity, has helped me revise the rotation I recommend to those who are PvE MM. Previously, I recommended that you should have the following rotation:

Rapid Fire/Opening macro w/ SS > Chimera > Aimed > Readiness > Chimera > Aimed > Refresh RF > Steady Shot x4

However, after testing, I have found, that the best rotation should be:

Rapid Fire / Opening w/ SS > Chimera > Aimed > Steady Shot x4 > Chimera > Aimed > Readiness > RF > Chimera > Aimed

This rotation has increased my dps on a dumby from 9k, to 11k, and in ICC10 from 17k to 20k. So needless to say it’s a pretty significant increase. I recommend all of my hunter readers and apprentices to change their rotation immediately.

Xypher is also helping me keep my guide updated. All the collective changes we are making will be kept on a new Changelog page, which I will post shortly.


Thanks guys! Love ya!

The Website is Restored!

Hey guys, like I said on the Molten forum, I have restored the website, including all links, and talent trees (which of course miraculously decided to start working.) I’ve been busy at school, and work, and have recently gained an impetus to restore this webste.


Thanks to all of you for your patience.