PvE Gems and Stats Explained

As a hunter you have around six individual stats to worry about. These stats are hit, agility, armor penetration, crit, attack power, ranged attack power, and haste. Some of these stats are more important than others, obviously. That’s why we have a thing called Stat Priorities. These are stats that you should worry about first.

General Stat Information and Conversions:

Hit: 32.79 hit rating = 1% hit; Molten Hit Cap: 9% (295.11)*
Crit: 45.91 rating = 1% Crit**; Theoretical crit cap: 104% Highest Achievable crit cap: 68% or so.
Haste: 32.79 Rating = 1% Haste***; Haste cap: 523 (1.5 secs)
ArP: 14 ArP Rating = *up to* 1% ArP****;ArP cap: 1400 (100%)

*-Molten is bugged. You need 9% hit as a hunter to guarantee a hit.
**-104% is where we actually stop all benefits from crit.
***-Haste is not very important. It’s nice to get your steady shot down to 1.5secs casting time, but ultimately not needed.
****-Up to means every 14ArP rating, your attacks can penetrate up to X amount of armor.


Stat Priority List:

  1. Hit
  2. Agility/ArP (see below)
  3. Ranged Attack Power(RAP)
  4. Crit
  5. Attack Power
  6. Haste


“Ranged Attack Power”? What’s that?

As a hunter you have two distinct types of Attack Power. You have normal Attack Power which affects all of our melee abilities, as well as the attack power of out pets, and then you have Ranged Attack Power which is our normal attack power augmented by spells, abilities, talents, etc. Hunter’s Mark is an excellent example of an ability that boosts Ranged Attack Power.


Agility vs. ArP:

To fully understand the Agility vs. Attack ArP debate, you must first understand ArP itself. If you haven’t already, please read http://www.donorbashed.com/2013/01/31/armor-penetration-rating-explained/ .

Now that we are all on the same page about this, we can go further indepth as to why Agility is in most cases better for all hunters than ArP, but when the right conditions are met, ArP takes over.

First off, Agility increases all of our DPS abilities because all of our shots are at least partially based on them. ArP only increases our “physical shots” i.e. Auto Shot, Steady Shot, Aimed Shot. Before you had an understanding of ArP, you might have said “well how in the hell is ArP better than Agility in any situation?” And you said that because, again, you didn’t understand ArP, but now you do. Let’s move on.

Since we know that essentially ArP gives us more of a raw DPS increase per point as you get more of it, then it goes without saying that at a point ArP’s benefit to us will become better than Agility’s. That point is estimated to be 800 passive ArP. This factors in gear level, and weapon damage. A good rule to use is to be more than half iLevel 251 items with a 251/264 ranged weapon.


What does that mean for gemming?

That means you shouldn’t even think about touching those beloved Fractured Dragon Eyes/Fractured Cardinal Rubies until your gear has enough ArP on it to be near 800 ArP Without Any ArP Gems. Go with 1 Nightmare Tear, and the rest should be Delicate Cardinal Rubies + 3x Delicate Dragoneyes. Then, when your ArP from gear alone (green text) is near 800, replace your gems with the Fractured Cardinal Rubies/Dragoneyes.


General gear choices:

In PvE you have three general subsets of melee gear: Tank, Hit/Crit, and Crit/ArP. You as an MM hunter should usually, if not always go for the ArP/Crit combination gear. The exceptions of course are Signet of Twilight, Ashen Band of Endless Vengeance and (Sanctified) Ahn’kahar Bloodhunter Handguards. If you follow my gear list, you should be squared away with the stats. Still, always feel free to customize!

Note about leather items (because some leather items are good hunter items until they can be replaced with BiS pieces): always keep in mind that leather items give no intellect, and therefore give no mana and more importantly attack power because of the conversion of intellect -> attack power that we get from our talent tree (Careful Aim gives you attack power equal to 100% of your intellect).

General MM PvP Information

So what is PvP as a Marksmanship Hunter? It’s quite simple really, and can be very clearly described in two words: Pew, and Pew. But seriously, in this guide I’ll be going over the basics of Marksmanship PvP.

1) Key Hunter Abilities

Serpent Sting: Stings the target causing Nature damage over 21 seconds (or 27 seconds if you are using Glyph of Serpent Sting). Casting Chimera Shot whilst the target is stung by Serpent Sting refreshes the DoT and causes an additional 40% damage done by Serpent Sting.

Scorpid Sting: Stings the target, reducing chance to hit with melee and ranged attacks by 3% for 20 seconds. Casting Chimera Shot whilst the target is stung by Scorpid Sting refreshes the DoT and attempts to disarm the target. Continue reading “General MM PvP Information”

Armor Penetration Rating (ArP) and Armor Explained

Armor penetration or ArP is renowned for being the most confusing, poorly worded, explained, and implemented stat in World of Warcraft. It is partially the reason why Blizzard decided to remove it from the game starting in Cataclysm. Thankfully, on Molten-WoW ArP is now working nearly 100% as intended, and so our lives as hunters are easier.

The reason Armor Penetration is so confusing is the way it’s worded and the simplistic way all humans like thinking. Everyone can assume that 1% Armor Penetration (14 ArP Rating) will give you a 1% damage increase. This is wrong. I realize that it seems like it would be a kind of thing you would say “no you’re wrong! 1% less Armor means 1% moar dps, but let me explain. The reason there is so much confusion as to what ArP does, and how it affects our damage comes from an incorrect understanding of Armor itself.

Continue reading “Armor Penetration Rating (ArP) and Armor Explained”