About Vocaloids

Hello everyone.

I’m new here and just recently joined Donorbashed efforts on this site. I am known as Vocaloid’s both here and on the molten wow forums.

Outside of wow, My real life identity is something I keep a secret online because as Captain Bravo says in Buso Renkin “It’s just cooler that way”. Needless to say outside of wow I am a fan of both Vocaloid music and anime. Besides that, I took piano lesions in my youth (though I don’t play music as well as I used to) and I have a lot of experience with scouting so I have a lot of camping and knot tying skills. I also work as a cashier in real life, so to top this off so I have a lot of retail experience as well.

In WOW I like hunters for a lot of reasons and I will admit some of these reasons are highly bias. For example, I consider all non hunter classes to be some kind of pet to us. Rouges are extra ferocity pets and protection Warriors are tenacity pets to us hunters. As there is no true healing pet type in the game, Continue reading “About Vocaloids”