Professions Explained (Blacksmithing vs. Engineering)

WoW professions used to be just for making stuff, and generally earning gold much like real life, where you gain a set of highly prized skills that people are willing to pay for. But as the game progressed, Blizzard added more and more to every profession, and has since redesigned them de facto to give advantages to certain classes/roles who have them.


Professions should really be the simplest thing in deciding your character, but because everyone wants to judge a hunter’s “best” profession by what gives them the highest DPS increase, they get the wrong profession. Now, I know that I always advocate never picking what just increases your DPS just because, but it’s true. PvE isn’t a DPS race. At least it’s not supposed to be, and I think that is one of the things wrong with Blizzard’s direction with the game itself. They are focusing too much on enabling high numbers, not hard encounters.

Engineering vs. Blacksmithing

Those who talk about professions always list two choices as the best for PvE. However, only one of these choices are really the best for overall PvE, and that’s Jewelcrafting. The other choice, Blacksmithing is only the best for DPS. Sure, it can increase your dps by as much as 150 DPS; but what are you losing in favor of that incredibly huge DPS increase?

Well, you’re losing all of the extra utility, and non-PvE perks of Engineering that will make your life in raids much, much easier. Honestly if you ask me just saying the words “Nitro Boosts” should be enough to put Engineering over Blacksmithing, but there are some that don’t agree.

Then I guess it’s time for me to explain my reasoning. Sometimes in a raid, you die. And if you’re any decent kind of PvE’er, you honestly for the most part couldn’t help it. Either the game glitched a bit, the boss did something unexpected, or you got hit at the wrong place at the wrong time, and your healer couldn’t keep up.

It just so happens that the cause of stuff like this is 9 times out of 10 related to some form of mass AoE spell designed to wipe the whole raid if not warded against. And what helps you survive an AoE attack? 100% MOUNT SPEED FOR FOUR SECONDS!

I mean face it, wouldn’t you rather sacrifice that 150 extra DPS for staying alive? What kind of DPS do you do when you’re dead? That’s right. Zero. Nothing. Zip. Plus I’m sure it would make you look like a total pro to dodge something like that and still come out #1 on the DPS

Also, check out all this other cool shit you get with Engineering:

  • Rocket Boots
  • Cobalt Frag Bombs + Frag Belt
  • Mechano Hog/Mekgineer’s Chopper
  • Jenkins
  • Molle-e
  • Rocket Launchers
  • Weather Makers
  • Snowball Makers
  • Iceblade Arrows/Shatter Rounds are an easily manufacted and cheap product to sell for a lot of convenient cash
  • Other cool shit.


The biggest thing that makes Jewelcrafting attractive is the special Dragoneye gems that give 34 ArP versus 20. The reason this is so appealing is that the different stat-increment on the special gems make it possible to get 1400 ArP exactly. This means there none wasted, or gem socket underutilized. A lot easier to manage gems if you know that there is no waste.

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  1. I feel that I should note for people who don’t know that BS main benefits outside of the 2 free gem slots is to make plate gear. As hunters can never wear plate gear it offers us little benefit to have this outside of stats. This is why the author spends little time talking about it.

    The only reason people even consider BS on a hunter is because it is the only profession outside of JC that can offer an agility stat bonus. If any other profession could offer a 40 agility bonus, you would no longer hear about hunters being BS anymore. (note: JC offers 42 agility as JC is always a few points ahead of every profession, plus you can cut your own gems. Always be a JC before being a BS).

    Being a BS on a hunter is also a recipe for becoming an AH slave as you will have to sell your useless plate gear all the time for money in order to buy things you need from other profession. Such as cut gems, end game projectiles, decent mail gear from LW (like Rock steady triads boots).

    So in the end BS is a profession only for hunters who are picky about stats. Everyone else really should give this profession a pass.

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