Screw Plagiarism!

The only reason that I keep this site updated, and periodically check Molten to update my guides to the latest fixes is because I enjoy taking credit for my very well made guides. I’ll be honest and not give you some bullcrap excuse. Which is why now, I’m asking any of my readers who would like to see more guides, and to see m0re of my guides (which there is a BM PvE Guide on the way, btw)



If you find any website, plagiarising my content (not sharing, plagiarising. IE taking credit for it) for ANY post on this webpage, please report it to me by emailing, with The site name, and the thread/page the stolen content is on.


I will also be posting a list of private servers, or guild sites that refuse, or do not respond to my inquiries, and a contact email for any administrator/site staff that I can find. You, as my readers are free to do with this information what you will *wink*.

Thank you all, I could not do any of this without YOUR help!

And chicken wings.

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