Xypher’s Marksmanship Hunter PvP guide

Xypher’s Marksmanship Hunter PvP guide (3.3.5)


Hello, I am Xypher. A lot of people have been asking me for tips and tricks about hunter (I have explained everything in this guide to about 5-10 people and more people are asking me, that’s why I’m making this guide) and basically I will try to teach you the basics of an MM hunter in this guide. I will be talking about hunter abilities, glyphs, specs, gear, enchants, gems, professions, pets, rotation, general tactics, duels, 2v2 & 3v3 arenas, keybinds, UI & addons and macro’s.

Looking for a MM PvE guide instead? Check out http://www.donorbashed.com/dbs-mm-guide/, I am currently helping keeping the guide up to date in co-operation with Donorbashed.


I am currently PvE’ing on Deathwing under the name Xypherz (hunter) and Xypher (warrior). Feel free to send me a PM in-game. You can always mail your questions (PvP or PvE) at Xypher@donorbashed.com and I will reply asap.

Hunter abilities:

Serpent sting: DoT that does nature damage. This is one of the first skills you use when you open on someone. Chimera refreshes the duration. The glyph increases duration by 6 seconds, which also increases chimera shot damage.

Chimera shot: deals 125% weapon damage and does something according to the sting you have on the target. Serpent sting: instantly deals 40% of the total damage of the serpent sting and refreshes it. Scorpid sting: disarms the target for 10 seconds and refreshes it. Viper sting: instantly restores mana equal to 60% of the total amount drained by your sting and refreshes it. This is your main shot as an MM hunter, does most damage of all abilities.

Silencing shot: silences the target for 3 seconds and deals 50% weapon damage. If you are versing a warrior in a duel for example, you can use silencing shot. Silencing shot triggers no global cooldown so you can silence shot + chimera shot at the exact same time for extra burst. You can also silence a healer and chimera shot another person at the exact same time.

Aimed shot: deals damage (bit less than chimera) and reduces healing done to the target by 50% for 10 seconds. With the glyph you will be able to always have aimed shot up (healing reduction).

Arcane shot: deals arcane damage. Don’t expect alot of damage from this.

Detterence: you will deflect/parry everything, you won’t get any damage. Be aware though, DoT’s go through deterrence and so do a certain amount of abilities like backstab, shred, … A great thing to have though. Use deterrence to avoid insane burst or when you need to be safe when on low hp.

Readiness: finishes the cooldown of all your hunter abilities. You can chimera, silence, deterrence twice with this. Use it carefully, be sure to use it as effective as possible, don’t use readiness when you still have silence, chimera shot & readiness at the same time. Try to make it reset as much cooldowns as possible. Profit.

Concussive shot: dazes the target for 4 sec. Doesn’t do any damage, only use it when you really have to kite a warrior and you don’t got anything else to kite him. There are better ways than concussive shot to kite someone (snake trap, frost trap, wing clip, chimera shot’s daze, pet root/stun, scatter shot, …)

Disengage: makes you leap backwards. Awesome skill for a hunter, it’s a key ability. You can easily run away from a fight in a battleground or kite someone with it.

Kill shot: serious business. Only useable if the target has less than 20% hp, does serious damage. Nothing more to say.

Volley: only use it to get stealthed people out of stealth. The damage isn’t any good, and even in big battlegrounds like AV it isn’t worth it. This eats your mana, don’t spam it too much to get a rogue out of stealth, try and use aspect of the viper while volleying to prevent getting on low mana before the fight even starts.

Scatter shot: great opener in duels and the best thing ever to trap someone. Use scatter shot and then trap for an effective trap.

Frost trap: AoE slowing trap. It creates a freezy area and everyone who runs into it will get slowed by 50%. With entrapment (talent) they will get entrapped for 4 seconds, preventing them from moving. Frost trap and freezing trap share cooldowns, so if you use this slowing trap, you won’t be able to trap (CC) someone else.

Hunter’s mark: your basic opener. Grants everyone (which means only hunters, really) 500 ranged attack power. Also, the hunter can always see marked targets, even if they are in stealth (rogue for example). Rogues can cloak of shadows this though, and will always do that, so don’t feel overconfident when you mark a rogue.

Freezing trap: CC’s someone for 10 seconds. It lands in front of your feet, so don’t use it to trap healers in arena.

Rapid fire: “Increases ranged attack speed by 40% for 15 sec.” Says enough, no? PEW PEW! You can use it at start of your rotation for superior burst or use it to steady shot faster.

Master’s call: removes all movement impairing effects from your pet and your target and makes it immune for 4 seconds. If an enemy target is targetted or you have no one targetted, you will masters call yourself. You can use it on other people (your arena partner) too, but 99% of the times you will use it on yourself.

Snake trap: summons snakes who do a bit of damage and slow the target and increase their casting time of spells. It’s annoying for everyone. With entrapment this will entrap them for 4 seconds. Good for kiting. Be aware of using it in arena though, this does damage and therefore gets healers out of CC.

Wing clip: slows the target for 10 seconds, you have to be in melee range. Don’t run up to a warrior to wing clip him, just use it when he charges you.

Feign death: makes you pretend to be dead. No one will believe it, right? True. But it interrupts people and makes them have to retarget you. If you feign death they lose the target on you. If someone is casting immolate, just use feign death and their immolate will be cancelled. Glyph reduces cooldown by 5.

Scorpid sting: reduces chance to hit with melee and ranged attacks by 3%, this sting is mostly used to either change another sting (someone is afflicted with serpent sting and you want to CC them, you use scorpid sting which does no damage so you can go and CC that person) or to chimera shot after it so it disarms them.

Steady shot: causes weapon damage + ammo + 799. It’s the only shot that you have to actually stand still for and cast. Only use it when you have no other shot on cooldown and when you have the time to do so. 90% of the times you won’t use steady shot because you don’t have enough time to do so.

Aspect of the viper: regenerates mana on all attacks and regenerates 4% mana of your max mana every 3 seconds. Damage is reduced by 50%. It’s good to use it when you’re low on mana, but don’t forget to switch back to aspect of the dragonhawk after it, or you will do 50% damage the whole time while you have full mana.

Aspect of the dragonhawk: your main aspect. Gives 300 attack power and 18% dodge. Use it at all times.

Aspect of the cheetah: increases movement speed by 30%. Only use it when you’re not getting attacked, you will get dazed when you get hit by something.

Viper sting: drains mana from the target. Nothing much to say here.

Scare beast: scares beasts. Useable on feral druids and hunter pets.

Mend pet: HoT which heals your pet.

Tranquilizing shot: removes 1 enrage and 1 magic effect from the enemy. You can dispel Blessing of Protection (BoP) with this, fear ward, … Chances aren’t high you will get it off if the target has a lot of buffs on him. Test your luck!

Trueshot aura: ALWAYS have it up. 10% attack power, who doesn’t want that?

Freezing arrow: your main CC as a hunter, it freezes a target for 10 seconds, you can shoot this arrow. Always use it after scatter shot so you know the enemy will get trapped. If you scatter shot, the person will walk in a certain pattern, after a few times you will know where to drop your freezing arrow. ANY damage will break this effect, so be aware.



-Serpent sting
-Aimed shot

Serpent sting glyph increases the duration of your serpent sting, thus the total damage of serpent sting, thus chimera shot damage.
Aimed shot glyph reduces the cooldown of aimed shot, so you have a bigger time interval to keep the 50% healing reduction buff always up on your target.
Disengage glyph reduces the cooldown of disengage so you can disengage out of sticky situations more often.


-Feign death
-Scare beast
-Revive pet


http://armory.molten-wow.com/charact…aros/?group=1/ I fixed the link – this is the spec I currently use. Good spec all around, especially for arenas.

Gear, enchants and gems:


Full PvP gear: You want to buy the best PvP armor possible (wrathful > relentless > furious). That’s basically it. This is the way to go as a starting and as a good hunter. Get some PvE (preferably hit) items to increase your damage, you shouldn’t go higher than 1.2k resilience basically. With a healer (when well-played) you can even go with 900 resilience, but I don’t suggest to start with this low resilience.

Armor penetration gear: ArP is more of a PvE stat and not a PvP stat. Use ArP items if you have too much resilience and you don’t have hit PvE items, or when you versus a LOT of plate wearers.


That being said, let’s look at the enchants. Here’s the list of enchants:

Head: arcanum of torment (50 attack power + 20 critical strike rating) or arcanum of triumph (50 attack power + 20 resilience rating)
Shoulders: greater inscription of the axe (40 attack power + 15 critical strike rating) or inscription of triump (40 attack power + 15 resilience)
Cloak: parachute (engineering) or swordguard embroidery (Chance on hit to increase your attack power by 400 for 15 seconds. This effect has an internal cooldown of 45 seconds. Tailoring) or major agility (22 agility)
Chest: powerful stats (10 all stats) or exceptional resilience (20 resilience)
Bracers: greater assault (50 attack power)
Gloves: hand-mounted pyro rockets (deals 1654 to 2020 fire damage on use. Engineering) or Enchant Gloves – Crusher (44 attack power)
Waist: eternal belt buckle (extra socket)
Legs: icescale leg armor (75 attack power + 22 critical strike rating)
Boots: nitro boosts or tuskarr’s vitality (movement speed increase + 15 stamina) or greater assault (32 attack power)
Weapons: superior potency (65 attack power) on main hand, titanium weapon chain (disarm duration reduction) on offhand

Note on weapons: getting two 1 handed weapons is better than getting a 2 handed weapon. Why? Because if you get disarmed while having a 2 handed weapon equipped, you will not be able to deterrence. For example if you versus a shadow priest in arena and you get psychic horror’d while wielding a 2 handed weapon then you can not deterrence. Versus shadow priest – rogue you are basically dead when you detterence 1 second too late. If you are for example duelling a deathknight, you can use a 2 handed weapon and get the +110 attack power enchant on it, so you get more stats than two 1 handed weapons. In general, two 1 handers are the way to go.


Blue socket: 3 stormy majestic zircon, rest agility or attack power
Red socket: delicate cardinal ruby (20 agility) or bright cardinal ruby (40 attack power)
Yellow socket: rigid king’s amber (20 hit) untill you are hit capped (hit cap = 5.00%. This means 164 hit rating), I prefer to gem deadly ametrines (10 agility + 10 crit afterwards) (otherwise: agility or attack power)
Meta gem: relentless earthsiege diamond (+3% increased critical damage and +21 agility)


Engineering: rocket boots, parachute and rocket gloves. Engineering is a must for hunters in PvP in my opinion. GET IT!
Jewelcrafting: you can get 3 epic gems (+34 agility for example) which is a good boost to your stats.
Tailoring: swordguard embroidery. It’s a cloak enchant which has a chance to grant you 400 attack power for 15 seconds, with an internal cooldown of 45 seconds (internal cooldown = time it takes for an item to be able to proc again. So if the internal cooldown of an item is 45 seconds, it will be able to proc again 45 seconds after the last proc has ended.).

Jewelcrafting VS Tailoring: I prefer tailoring because I like the extra burst, instead of having a constant small agility boost from jewelcrafting. The proc from the cloak lasts as long as my trinket (Death’s Choice) and has the same internal cooldown. Most of the times they both proc at the same time so I get +400 attack power and +510 agility at the same time for 15 seconds every minute. If you know how to play hunter, this is some serious burst.


The main thing that your pet has to have is Roar of Sacrifice. This ability grants you immunity to critical strikes for 12 seconds. This is, assides from master’s call, one of the main reasons a hunter has a pet. Pets that have Roar of Sacrifice (as far as I know) are the crab, the ravager and the spider. I won’t be discussing other pets because a pet without Roar of Sacrifice in PvP (except if you’re a BM hunter ofcourse, but this guide is about MM) is worthless basically.

Pet spec if your pet is cunning: http://imgur.com/mTW3k0E

Crab‘s abilities: intervene, pin, charge, last stand and blood of the rhino.

Intervene: Intervene let’s you (just like a warrior’s intervene) make 1 enemy ability worthless. I do not have alot of experience with this, since it is really hard to intervene yourself (your pet has to be a certain amount of yards away from you in order to use it), so you have to use pet stay macro’s in order for it to work. Positioning is key for this, and in my opinion it isn’t worth it (you will be busy doing other stuff than trying to intervene 1 single ability). You can intervene a rogue’s cheap shot with this ability.
Pin: 4 second root.
Charge: 1 second root.
Last stand: temporarily grants your pet +40% hp. Useful in arena if your pet gets bursted down, you can make a macro with cower and last stand to reduce damage taken and to increase hp.
Blood of the rhino: passive ability that increases all healing done to your pet by 40%, which obviously makes it easier to heal.

Spider‘s abilities: web, dash, roar of recovery.

Web: 4 second root.
Dash: increases pet’s movement speed by 80%. If spec’d and if used on autocast, your pet will be able to dash at all times. If you and an enemy are both mounted, you can mount off, let your pet dash and then web your enemy, it’s a great tactic to make them dismount.
Roar of recovery: restores 10% of your mana every 3 seconds for a total of 9 seconds.

Ravager‘s abilities: ravage, dash, roar of recovery.

Ravage: 1 second stun. Really good versus casters to interrupt. This stun is untrinketable. Undispellable.
Dash: increases pet’s movement speed by 80%. If spec’d and if used on autocast, your pet will be able to dash at all times. If you and an enemy are both mounted, you can mount off, let your pet dash and then web your enemy, it’s a great tactic to make them dismount.
Roar of recovery: restores 10% of your mana every 3 seconds for a total of 9 seconds.

I prefer the ravager for everyday use. It is useable versus any class (casters and melee), it’s untrinketable and undispelable, unlike web/charge/pin. Roar of recovery is a cool bonus in arena so you don’t have to drain/aspect of viper at keytimes when someone is 5k hp.


The basic rotation for an MM hunter in most situations (everything depends on the situation) is: hunter’s mark → serpent sting → rapid fire (if it’s not on cooldown) → chimera shot → aimed shot → arcane shot → steady shot spam untill chimera is off cooldown. Against most classes you won’t be able to steady shot at all, since as a hunter your job is to kite. I will be talking more about this later on in the guide.

General tactics:

Kite. Outrange people while shooting and you will win.




Open with scatter shot, which gives you time to apply hunter’s mark and serpent sting. If he trinkets scatter shot, forget about hunter’s mark/serpent sting and immediately rapid fire + chimera + silence him. Get an aimed shot off after this. Stun after the first silence and do a bit of damage with either arcane shot or steady shot. Deterrence right after the stun has ended, he will very likely try and death coil (sometimes shadowfury) you, with deterrence you will deflect this. While in deterrence, use readiness (resets all cooldowns) and use rapid fire. Chimera shot + silence him, aimed shot him. Deterrence his next cast (probably shadowfury), you can try and get a snake trap off (you can use traps while in deterrence) in order to make his casting time of spells alot longer, it annoys them alot, trust me. If he isn’t dead by then, interrupt his casts with feign death or try and outrange them (as a hunter you have the ability to outrange anyone while you can still shoot). If he gets to burst you (shadowfury + immolate + conflag), use Roar of Sacrifice to avoid you getting 1 shot. Chances he will be dead after the second deterrence are about 99%.


Open with freezing trap, he will charge into you and he will get CC’d. Either he trinkets or doesn’t. If he doesn’t trinket, it’s easy, get some range, apply hunters mark, use scorpid sting (be aware of autoshot, this will get him out of CC. I tend to use scorpid sting while running so I don’t auto shot, and then press ‘esc’ to make me remove his target.), then steadyshot and right after it use chimera + silence. On my hunter (5.6k gs) this does about 10k damage, so it’s not a bad opener. If he does trinket, use scatter shot and use hunter’s mark + serpent sting/scorpid sting, rapid fire+ chimera + silence afterwards. So in either cases, you got the opener on him and did a bit of damage. Now he will very likely intercept you. You can either detterence his intercept/charge or get intercepted but use snake trap (he won’t be able to move for 4 seconds). Detterencing charges/intercepts may look pro, and it is good in some way, but be aware of bladestorm. If an arms warrior bladestorms and you don’t have detterence for it, you’re not in a good spot. If you do get in this position, use RoS immediately. Use snake/frost trap to keep him slowed, and use your pet’s abilities. Don’t forget to use silencing shot, most people think it’s useless versus warriors, but it does damage and no global cooldown will be triggered. Keep on kiting him and pump dps into him. You shouldn’t have any trouble with warriors as a hunter.


Key to this battle is to spam cooldowns. As a hunter you will be able to down a rogue really quickly, so you are allowed to waste cooldowns. Open with freezing trap, use flare on the same spot, stand on that spot and wait. Use Volley to randomly AoE and try and get him out of stealth (forces him to use vanish or get owned), but use aspect of the viper so you don’t go oom in 5 seconds. When he opens, don’t forget to change back to aspect of the dragonhawk. If he trinkets the trap, use scatter shot to buy some time. Hunter’s mark him, and either serpent/scorpid sting him, then rapid fire + chimera + silence him. Have flare ready at all times, and try to stay close to it for incase he vanishes. Use snake trap to get entrapment off, use frost trap when it’s off cooldown. Use your pet’s ability to kite the rogue. When he gets close, detterence + readiness, use rapid fire and use all your cooldowns again, use disengage + chimera + silence, use frost trap to slow him. Trinket either kidney shot or blind. If you want to sit the kidney shot so you can trinket blind, use Roar of Sacrifice. If not, don’t use Roar of Sacrifice for only cheap shot, it’s a waste of cooldown really. Rogues should be easy enough, keyword is to KITE!

Feral druids:

Open with freezing trap like always. If he trinkets, use scatter shot, if he doesn’t, go back and use hunter’s mark + serpent sting (you can’t disarm druids. What are you gonna disarm? His claws? <3). Burst him with chimera + silence like always, slow him with frost trap & snake trap. Use pet’s ability like always. Kite, kite, kite. They might look hard to kill since they can remove all root, and they have dash, but it’s not hard. You can burst them so hard, even in full furious. Keep on slowing him. If he does get to you, use either detterence or Roar of Sacrifice. You can use your trinket on either bash, maim or cyclone. Be aware though, alot of times you will trinket bash/maim and then get fully cycloned, allowing the druid to heal himself to full. I prefer to sit bash/maim and wait for his cyclone.


Same tactic as a warlock basically, only mages are even squishier and easier to kill (in my opinion). Spam silence + detterence and he will be able to do nothing. Look at how to kill a warlock and copy it. Use steadyshot when he’s in iceblock so you get a bit of extra burst right when he gets out of it. Use snake trap when he gets close. If you get deep frozen (stunned) and you don’t have a trinket, use Roar of Sacrifice in order to avoid hard burst. Use feign death as much as possible in order to interrupt his frostbolts/polies. If you get polied and he goes and kill your pet, do NOT hesitate to use your trinket, USE IT! Versing a good mage without your pet is a free win for the mage. Try and stun his frostbolts/polies with your pet.

Shadow priests:

The counter to hunters in duels basically. If they get 2-3 dots on you, dispersion and spam heals on themselves, they win. It took me months to figure out a way to beat them 1v1. And now I know how to. Open up with scatter shot, use hunter’s mark, serpent sting. Rapid fire + chimera shot + silence him. After this, use your pet’s stun & aimed shot. Detterence after this. Readiness + rapid fire again, silence + chimera him some more. If you get psychic horror’d (disarmed) use trinket and detterence his vampiric touch. But keep enough range from him, if you trinket disarm and then get fully feared, it’s basically GG. If he gets 2 dots up, use Roar of Sacrifice and try and finish him off as fast as possible. Use feign death to interrupt his vampiric touch. Key is to avoid geting dotted and spam cooldowns. You can also try and outrange a shadow priest, but they will try to (LoS if they can) heal themselves to full, so be aware.

Death knights:

Open with scatter shot or freezing trap. Sometimes the pet will get frozen, so be aware of that. Hunters mark, scorpid sting & steady shot (+rapid fire) if he gets trapped & doesnt trinket. If he does, just use serpent sting and silence. Get some range, and after your silence, use detterence. 90% of the time the DK will try and deathgrip you after the silence goes away, with detterence you can deflect it, look cool and make him cry at the same time. It’s funny to see their face when you detterence a deathgrip, really. After this, pump some more dps, and keep on kiting. Use disengage & master’s call to get range. Frost trap & snake trap, you know the drill. Kiting is once again the key word.

Arenas. Oh yes. Now, I’m gonna talk a bit about general tactics in 2v2 and 3v3 arena. I play discipline priest – MM hunter and resto shaman – MM hunter in 2v2 mostly. Why? Dispels. If I see a protection paladin with earth shield and sacred shield, and my arena partner is a resto druid, I can’t do any damage at all to that paladin. If your healer can dispel all the enemies buffs and you’re a hunter, you can burst very hard. Disc priest can fear/mind control for extra CC and can also do damage (holy fire → smite, if spec’d and glyph’d right, disc priest can do serious damage). With this, you can have endless CC (silence, scatter, trap, fear, mind control, repeat), great burst (disc priet can dps too) while you still have a healer by your side. Resto shaman can heroism (extra burst), purge, wind shear and hex. Both disc priest and resto shaman are really good partners for a hunter. So now on to actual tactics.

Kill dps, CC healer. That’s it basically. Scatter – trap the healer and just spam dps on the dps. Kite if it’s melee, burst harder if it’s a caster. Detterence at low hp, try and synchronize your CC with your partner. If your partner is a discipline priest, try to silence → scatter → trap → fear → mind control → silence → scatter → trap → fear → … Don’t give the healer the chance to heal, try to make it a chain of CC.

For 3v3, there’s a few things you have to do in order to be succesful as hunter. The best arena comps in 3v3 for a hunter are healer – tank – hunter. For example ATC (prot warrior, h pala, mm hunter) or PHD (h pala, mm hunter, deathknight). The main thing is to keep aimed shot up so the healer can’t keep up with healing and you keep the pressure up. The second thing to do is scatter – trap the healer, since you’re very likely the only person who can really CC (prot warr, unholy dk can’t really CC alot, except for interrupts). The third thing is to stay back and just do as much damage as possible, you don’t want to get in the middle of the fight as a hunter in 3v3. The only time you should try and get closer in the fight is to silence/trap the healer.

I can’t really give detailed tactics for arena, because everything depends on the comp.


Only read this part if you are new to WoW or don’t have enough keybinds. If you are an experienced player you can use your old keybinds as you wish. I will give a list of keybinds that I use that are really easy (for me atleast) useable. I have about 60 on my hunter, this is the list:

SHIFT + 12345
F1, F2, F3 and F4
² or `
Mousebuttons (I have a logitech gaming mouse, that’s why I have these), shift + mousebuttons, scroll wheel up, scroll wheel down (scroll wheel up & down are my aspects), shift + scroll wheel up, shift + scroll wheel down

You can also use control or alt instead of shift, but I prefer shift.

EDIT: Another cool thing you can do is set mousebuttons (if you have those) as CTRL or ALT. This way, you can make another 20 combinations of keybindings which are easy to use. The program that lets me do this is called X-Mouse Button Control, it makes my computer think that when I press the mousebutton I’m actually pressing CTRL or ALT.

UI & addons:

-Bagnon (inventory organizer)
-Bartender (makes you able to move and change all actionbars)
-Doom cooldown pulse (lights up the icon of an ability when it’s off cooldown)
-Gearscore (easy to see how geared someone is, not really useful in PvP)
-Gladius (arena addon, a must-have)
-LoseControl (shows you when you are CC’d with an icon on top of your character)
-OmniCC (shows you how much seconds left untill an ability is off cooldown)
-Preform AV Enabler (I do premades with my guild, this addon makes it alot easier)
-Quartz (spellcasting addon, I use it to keep track of my MS on spells and for my auto shot)

Screenshot of my UI so you have an idea: http://imgur.com/vB151Lf


/cast [target=yourname] [pet] Roar of Sacrifice -> Roar of Sacrifices yourself

/cast [target=party1] [pet] Roar of Sacrifice -> Roar of Sacrifices arena partner

/cast [target=party1] Master’s Call -> Master’s calls arena partner

/cast Chimera Shot -> eng gloves + chimera shot
/use Wrathful Gladiator’s Chain Gauntlets

/cast disengage -> disengage + parachute (use 15 = use cloak)
/use 15

/cast [pet] Ravage -> ravager stun

/cast [pet] web -> spider web

/cast [target=focus] Silencing Shot -> silence focus

/cast [target=focus] Scatter Shot -> scatter focus

/cast Rapid Fire
/cast Berserking
/cast Blood Fury -> Speaks for itself I think. Burstmacro.
/cast kill command

/cast [target=focus] scare beast -> scare beast focus

/cast [target=focus] Concussive Shot -> concussive shot focus

/cast [target=focus] viper sting -> mana drain focus

/cast [target=focus] Tranquilizing Shot -> tranq shot focus

/cast [target=focus] hunter’s mark -> hunter’s mark focus

/cancelaura Deterrence
/cancelaura Hand of Protection -> makes you cancel detterence and HoP, allowing you to deflect 1 spellcast and then burst again without having to wait for deterrence to go away, and makes you not have to manually click to remove the HoP when trying to score a kill.


Hunter is an OP ranged damaging class.

Any suggestions or feedback is appreciated! I will reply to any questions asked. I play mostly on Lordaeron, on my hunter called Xypher. Feel free to whisper me in-game or mail me at Xypher@donorbashed.com and ask me anything, or post it here on this thread.

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