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Hello everyone.

I’m new here and just recently joined Donorbashed efforts on this site. I am known as Vocaloid’s both here and on the molten wow forums.

Outside of wow, My real life identity is something I keep a secret online because as Captain Bravo says in Buso Renkin “It’s just cooler that way”. Needless to say outside of wow I am a fan of both Vocaloid music and anime. Besides that, I took piano lesions in my youth (though I don’t play music as well as I used to) and I have a lot of experience with scouting so I have a lot of camping and knot tying skills. I also work as a cashier in real life, so to top this off so I have a lot of retail experience as well.

In WOW I like hunters for a lot of reasons and I will admit some of these reasons are highly bias. For example, I consider all non hunter classes to be some kind of pet to us. Rouges are extra ferocity pets and protection Warriors are tenacity pets to us hunters. As there is no true healing pet type in the game, I often have a harder time placing holy priests but I do see them as a special pet that can help keep my other pets alive. I guess you could say they are a special healing pets. Also, I actually know a druid that once told me that I could tame her if I gave her enough gold. LOL! What true hunter has not wished they could tame a druid? They are one of the few pets out there that can do everything XD.

When I first started playing WOW. My friend who introduced me to the game suggested the hunter class to me because he know how much I liked to play my Ranger in Phantasy Star Online or PSO for short. Rangers in PSO are a class that fire quick shots & depend primarily on keeping there enemy’s at range to stay alive. (sound familiar). Needless to say the hunter was a perfect fit for me when I started playing WOW. After playing the hunter class for a while I fully began to understand why he had suggested the class to me.

Over the years seance I started playing WOW, I have tried the other classes but I still prefer my hunter for meany of the reason I have stated above and more. I have learned much about how to use a hunter and when I did reach end game content in Wotlk I started doing a lot of research about how to make my hunter one the best out there.

I actually first met Donorbashed when I read one of his guides on molten wow and noticed everything he said lined up with things I had researched. I first contacted him by telling him about a list of links I had posted on the forums that basically backed up everything he was saying.

Sadly at about the same time I told him about this post. I discovered molten had just removed my post in a forum clean up. I was still new to molten forums and I did not know at the time that I needed to submit a request to protect posts like that. So I was forced to restore the post from the information I had saved on my pc, I was lucky that I had saved most of the original version of that post in a word document. Had I not done that, that post would have been completely lost.

After I restored the post and submitted it to Donorbashed, he then added the list to his original MM hunter guide on molten. Today this list is still included in his original guide on molten, even though it may be a little out of date today. The fact that the old guide went out of date is probably one of the reasons why Donorbashed chose to start work on what he called version 2. I was surprised to come here today and learn that version 2 is this web site.

Who knows, maybe I will be able to make a version 2 edition of that list in the future if it’s ever needed. I still don’t fully know what my role will be here but I hope my skills will be of use on this site.

Thank you for allowing me to join the team and I hope I can be of help in the near future.

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