General MM PvP Information

So what is PvP as a Marksmanship Hunter? It’s quite simple really, and can be very clearly described in two words: Pew, and Pew. But seriously, in this guide I’ll be going over the basics of Marksmanship PvP.

1) Key Hunter Abilities

Serpent Sting: Stings the target causing Nature damage over 21 seconds (or 27 seconds if you are using Glyph of Serpent Sting). Casting Chimera Shot whilst the target is stung by Serpent Sting refreshes the DoT and causes an additional 40% damage done by Serpent Sting.

Scorpid Sting: Stings the target, reducing chance to hit with melee and ranged attacks by 3% for 20 seconds. Casting Chimera Shot whilst the target is stung by Scorpid Sting refreshes the DoT and attempts to disarm the target.

Viper Sting: Sting the target draining 4% mana over 8 seconds (maximum of 8%). Once the sting wears off the sting energizes the Hunter equal to 300% of the amount drained. Casting Chimera Shot whilst the target is stung by Viper Sting refreshes the sting and instantly restores 60% of the total mana drained by Viper Sting.

Aimed Shot: 3rd most damaging shot as a Marksman Hunter. It’s only on a 10 second cooldown (9 seconds if using Glyph of Aimed Shot) and reduces the healing done to the target affected by Aimed Shot by 50% for 10 seconds.

Chimera Shot: 2nd most damaging shot as a Marksman Hunter. It’s only on a 10 second cooldown as well (9 seconds if using Glyph of Chimera shot). Deals 125% weapon damage and has a combination of different effects depending on which stings are currently on the target, previously explained.

Multi-Shot: Fires several missles hitting up to 3 targets with damage that is a little lower, if not similar to that of Aimed Shot. Must be standing still while casting.

Arcane Shot: An instant shot that causes damage. Does a decent amount of damage and you’ll be spamming this shot anytime it is off cooldown.

Steady Shot: A steady shot that causes unmodified weapon damage +905. Does an additional 175 damage to dazed targets. This ability isn’t really used that often unless you have the time to stand still for ~1.5 seconds, using this shot too often is not recommended.

Silencing Shot: A weak shot that does only 50% weapon damage, but it does silence the target for 3 seconds. This is my favorite shot by far since it’s off global cooldown and it has the ability to put a lot of pressure on DPS casters and healers alike.

Scatter Shot: A fairly weak shot, just like silencing shot, with a short-range shot that deals 50% weapon damage and also disorients the target for 4 seconds. This shot is typically used in combination with Freezing Arrow to ensure the opponent gets CC’ed (more on this later).

Concussive Shot: Dazes the target, slowing movement speed by 50% for 4 + x seconds, duration depends on whether or not you have Improved Concussive Shot specced in or not.

Tranquilizing Shot: Attempts to remove 1 Enrage and 1 Magic effect from an enemy target. A really useful shot that can dispel various buffs and HoTs. Works especially well against Warlocks, Paladins, or Druids.

Deterrence: When activated, increases Parry chance by 100%, reduces the chance ranged attacks will hit you by 100%, and grants a 100% chance to deflect spells. You cannot attack whilst Deterrence is active. Our main defensive cooldown; use it to deflect spells such as Death Coil (Warlocks) and negate a warriors charge stun! This ability is a little buggy on Molten-Wow, many things that shouldn’t be are hitting through it. 2 minute cooldown.

Readiness: When activated, this ability refreshes all cooldowns except for Bestial Wrath. Basically, this is to be used to keep up pressure on the opponent or used if another Deterrence is needed. Very useful ability, but unfortunately it is on a long 3 minute cooldown.

Rapid Fire: Increases Ranged Attack speed by 40% for 15 sec. Main DPS cooldown, use it to nuke down enemies with that crazy hunter damage!

Scare Beast: Scares a beast, causing it to run in fear for up to 20 seconds. Damage caused may interrupt the effect. Only one beast can be feared at a time. Very useful spell, especially against Ferals and other Hunters (You can fear their pets). Another thing that you don’t see often is a Hunter using this spell to fear a Shaman while in Ghost Wolf form; yes it is possible.

Aspect of the Dragonhawk: The hunter takes on the Aspect of the Dragonhawk and gains passive 300 Ranged Attack Power and increases chance to dodge by 18%. Your primary aspect, no other reason to switch to other Aspects unless out of mana.

Aspect of the Viper: The hunter takes on Aspect of the Viper, causing ranged and melee attacks to regenerate mana but reducing total damage output by 50%. You gain 4% of your maximum mana every 3 seconds, passively.

Aspect of the Pact: The hunter takes on the Aspect of the Cheetah and gains 30% movement speed, but if the hunter is struck he/she will be dazed for 4 seconds. Not really useful in most PvP situations because of the daze, but I like to use it in combination with Deterrence to gain some extra distance while I’m immune to most attacks.

Frost Trap: Places a frost trap that creates an AoE slow lasting for 30 seconds. Enemies caught inside are slowed by 50%. (Upon activating the trap, all targets affected by it will be rooted for X seconds depending on whether or not you have Entrapment specced in.)

Snake Trap: Places a trap that will release several venomous snakes attacking the person who activates the trap. The snakes deal damage and creates a debuff on the opponent slowing casting speed by 30%, snakes will die after 15 seconds. (Upon activating the trap, all targets affected by it will be rooted for X seconds depending on whether or not you have Entrapment specced in.)

Freezing Arrow: Fires a freezing arrow that places a freezing trap at the target location; freezing the first enemy who activates the trap and preventing all action for up to 20 seconds (9 seconds on other players). Any damage caused will break the trap. Just like any other trap, this is extremely useful in terms of CC and pressuring opponents.

Explosive Trap: Places a fire trap that explodes when an enemy activates it, causing fire damage to all within the radius of the AoE. Also burns enemies for an additional 3383 additional fire damage for 20 seconds. (Note: Entrapment does not work with this trap.)

Kill Command: Give the command to kill, increasing your pet’s damage done from special attacks by 60% for 30 seconds. Each special attack done by the pet reduces the damage done by 20%. Semi-useful hunter pet spell that can be used to nuke down an opponent. Doesn’t give that much damage unless you’re a BM hunter.

Flare: Exposes all hidden and invisible enemies within 10 yards of the targeted area for 20 seconds. This is obviously to be used against stealthed enemies. Make sure to constantly keep it on top of a rogue in case they cloak and vanish.


2) Specs and Builds

Specs and Builds can all be customized to one’s own liking, but here are a couple which I’ve found to be very effective.

DPS Spec:

If you are lacking hit rating:

Move talent points in and out of Improved Concussive Shot and Focused Aim depending on how much Hit rating you need.


3) Gear and Stat priorities

My item set-up:

Armory Link:

Well, it’s pretty clear what you want to strive for in terms of PvP gear; you want to go for the best there possibly is. But, is there really such thing as the “best gear”? Not exactly. Yes, some items may hold much higher item levels, value, or give more of a stat than some others, but how good the gear is ultimately depends on what you’re trying to build. So really, all I can do is give suggestions.

As a Hunter, I find that ~1000 resilience is just enough, but going any higher wouldn’t do any harm; just make sure you don’t pop too low otherwise you’ll get nuked down real easy. Hunters are a pure DPS class so we wanna try and go for the gear that offers good Survivability + DPS and we are also very mana inefficient so we also want to make sure we have a decent mana pool.

The stat priorities goes as shown (note: I didn’t include Armor Penetration as one of the stats because it isn’t nearly as useful in PvP as it is in PvE):

1. Hit Rating, you only need 164 Hit Rating or 5% as a PvP Hunter (~32 Hit Rating = 1%).

2. Agility, Hunters can’t get enough of this!

3. Attack Power, Similar to Agility except you don’t get Critical Strike Rating, Armor, and Dodge Rating.

4. Intellect, larger mana pool so you don’t have to go Aspect of the Viper as quickly.

5. Resilience, Damage prevention stat.

6. Stamina, the more HP you have, the harder it is for the opponent to kill you.

7. Critical Strike Rating, Helps you Crit more and higher, I find going above 50% is overkill (~46 Critical Strike Rating = 1%). Getting gear with high Critical Strike Rating isn’t very important as you’ll get most of it from Agility.

Basically, if you are not already Hit capped, you want to go for it, otherwise what’s the point of having 5000 Agility when more than half of your shots miss? Otherwise, you’ll just go for gear that gives the most of each stat going down the list. eg., something that gives +150 agility and +100 attack power would be better than something that gives +100 agility and +150 attack power.

As for gem slots I would recommend gemming this way:

Red: Delicate Cardinal Ruby (+20 agility)

Yellow: Deadly Ametrine (+10 agility +10 critical strike rating)

Blue: Shifting Dreadstone (+10 agility +10 stamina), or you could go straight up Delicate Cardinal Ruby and ignore the socket bonus, it’s your choice.

Meta: Chaotic Skyflare Diamond (+21 critical strike rating and 3% increased critical strike damage)


4) Glyphs and Professions

Recommended Glyphs:

Major: Glyph of Serpent Sting, Glyph of Chimera Shot, Glyph of Disengage

Minor: Glyph of Scare Beast, Glyph of Mend Pet, Glyph of Feign Death

There are a wide variety of professions that one can choose as a Marksman Hunter. However, there are 3 professions that give Hunters the most benefit out of the others; these being Jewel crafting, Tailoring, and Engineering. Of the three, Engineering is the profession that you cannot simply go without, the amount of utility it provides it just epic. Engineering itself provides a Hunter The Flexweave Underlay (Great when used in combination with Disengage), Nitro Boosts, Cobalt Frag Bombs, and extra Gem slot, and many other very useful gadgets. But now the question is Jewel crafting or Tailoring? In my opinion Tailoring is the way to go. Although Jewel crafting gives you a flat +42 agility, I feel that the 15 second 400 Attack Power proc every 60 seconds is much better because I will be able to stack it along with my other trinket procs and cooldowns resulting in a bigger damage output. Jewel crafting will do just fine though, if you like the flat +42 agility. Another thing to keep in mind is that Swordguard Embroidery is an enchant for the cape, so that means you’ll have to replace Flexweave Underlay.


5) Pets

If you’re going to be serious about PvP then the pet you pick would obviously be the pet that provides some sort of beneficial PvP utility. For example type specific abilities such as Roar of Sacrifice or Intervene that may be needed at a moment’s notice. Or, you could go even deeper and go for species specific abilities such as Web, Ravage, or Pin. What pet you pick completely depends on your preferred play style.

Lets take myself for example. I like to play the annoying Hunter who max distance’s everyone with my 3/3 Hawk eye, so therefore I’d need a pet that makes kiting easier. My preferred choice would be the Spider because of it’s Web ability, a 5 second root with a 30 yard range, this in my opinion is simply epic. Another pet that would do well in situations such as this is the Crab. Not only does the Crab have a 4 second Pin, it also has Intervene which can be used to mitigate gap closer’s eg. Charge or Death Grip. Others may want to just go with pure DPS to nuke their opponents down. Pets such as Wolves or Raptors will suffice in this situation.

Besides choosing the correct pet according to your play style, pet management is just as important. You wouldn’t want to send in your pet willy nilly and end up having it reck-stormed to death would you? I suppose you wouldn’t. I constantly keep my pet on Passive stance and what I would suggest is making pet command macros which would look like this:

/cast web


/cast ravage

or you could simply have /petfollow and /petattack macros to send your pet back and forth for DPS and utility.

Another thing you want to make sure to do is to keep your pet’s health topped up as they go down pretty quickly.


6) UI Setup and Addons

My UI:


The goal you want to reach when setting up your UI is to make sure that it both fits the needs for PvP and that it also is customized to your liking and convenience. I would recommend keeping it as clean as possible so that you are able perceive all that is going on in a real-time PvP situation.

List of AddOns that I use:


Gladius: A mod of players frames. It can be used to display enemy/friendly specs, health, mana, and it can also be used to track cooldowns used by enemies or friends.

Cooldowns 1.3.3: An AddOn that displays the cooldowns of spells and items.

GearScoreLite: Displays GearScore of yourself and other players. Gives you a better sense of how well geared you or someone else is.

Mik’s Scrolling Battle Text: Basically a replacement for Blizzard’s default floating battle text. This AddOn is also very useful for keeping track of buffs and debuffs.

Quartz: One of my favorite AddOns. It’s a mod to your casting bar, but the reason why I love it so much is because it has a latency bar and also tracks the cooldown of Auto Shot making it easier to stutter step for more DPS.

These AddOns and others can be found on:


7) Keybindings and Macros

Many people have asked me, what keybinds do you use and what macros do you use? My answer is, do what you think feels right, there really isn’t anything else that can be said about it. There is no such thing as the best keybind set up, but there is however, a “right” or “correct” way of doing it and it’s quite obvious as well. You want to have your most used abilities or most important abilities to be easily reachable for obvious reasons.

Most players use their WASD keys for movement, and so do i. I’ve set up my keybinds so that everything i need is relatively close to the WASD keys.

These are my keybinds:

1: Hunter’s Mark

Shift 1: PvP Trinket (use 14)

Alt 1: Burst Macro (Berserking, Rapid Fire, Call of the Wild)

2: Scorpid Sting

Shift 2: Tranquilizing Shot

3: Kill Shot

Shift 3: Readiness

Alt 3: Wing Clip

4: Master’s Call

Shift 4: Web (Spider pet ability)

Alt 4: Scare Beast

q: Serpent Sting

Shift q: Arcane Shot

e: Aimed Shot

Shift e: Silencing Shot

Alt e: Concussive Shot

r: Steady Shot

Shift r: Flare

f: Chimera Shot

Shift f: Scatter Shot

Alt f: Viper Sting

z: Aspect of the Dragonhawk

Shift z: Aspect of the Viper

Alt z: Aspect of the Cheetah

x: Disengage

Shift x: Deterrence

Alt x: Use 13 (Bauble, Battlemaster’s, etc)

c: Feign Death

Alt c: Mend Pet

t: Focus Silencing Shot (/targetfocus)

g: Focus Scatter Shot (/targetfocus)

v: Freezing Arrow

Shift v: Frost Trap

Alt v: Snake Trap

I also have a couple targeting keybinds (Roar of Sacrifice, Intervene, etc) on my Razer Naga as well (I highly recommend getting a Naga as it helps tons :D).

Essentially, macros allow you to perform several different things at once with the click of 1 button. Basically, macros are useful for certain aspects of the game whether it be Role-playing or PvP.

For example:

#showtooltip                                                                                                                                                                                           /cast Hunter’s Mark                                                                                                                                                                       /petattack

Will allow you to cast Hunter’s Mark on your opponent and also command your pet to attack the opponent.

Here is a list of macros that may come in handy:

Serpent Sting:

/cast serpent sting
/cast !auto shot

Aimed Shot:

/cast aimed shot
/cast !auto shot

Arcane Shot:

/cast arcane shot
/cast !auto shot

Chimera Shot:

/cancelaura deterrence
/cast chimera shot
/cast !auto shot
/cast kill command
/use 12

Concussive Shot:

/cast concussive shot
/cast !auto shot


/cast deterrence


/cast disengage

Feign Death:

/cast feign death

Focus Scatter Shot:

/target focus
/cast scatter shot

Focus Silencing Shot:

/target focus
/cast silencing shot

Freezing Arrow:

/cast freezing arrow

Frost Trap:

/cast frost trap

Hunter’s Mark:

/cast Hunter’s mark

Kill Shot:

/cancelaura deterrence
/cast kill shot
/cast !auto shot

Master’s Call:

/cast master’s call

Burst Macro:

/cast rapid fire
/cast berserking
/cast call of the wild
/cast kill command

Focus Roar of Sacrifice:

/target party1, 2, 3 (or self)
/cast roar of sacrifice

Scare Beast:

/cast scare beast

Scorpid Sting:

/cast scorpid sting
/cast !auto shot


/cast aspect of the dragonhawk, aspect of the cheetah, aspect of the viper
/cast trueshot aura

Steady Shot:

/cast steady shot
/cast !auto shot

Tranquilizing Shot:

/cast tranquilizing shot
/cast !auto shot

Web (Spider Pet Ability):

/cast web

Wing Clip:

/cast wing clip
/cast raptor strike

Mongoose Bite:

/cast mongoose bite
/cast raptor strike


/cast readiness

Viper Sting:

/cast viper sting
/cast !auto shot

Tracking (I like to put this in one of my shot macros such as Serpent Sting, it just makes it easier):

/run for i=1,GetNumTrackingTypes() do local n, t, a, c = GetTrackingInfo(i); if string.find(n, UnitCreatureType(“target”)) then if t~=GetTrackingTexture(i) then SetTracking(i); end end end

Camera Distance (Allows you to set your Camera Distance as far as you want; just replace the X with any number. I like to keep it at 40):

/script SetCVar (“cameraDistancemax” ,X)

You don’t have to stick to those specific macros, i mainly put them there as examples hoping that they’ll help you create your own macros that work to your own liking. Something to keep in mind: Do not macro spells together that have global cooldowns.

For example:

/cast arcane shot
/cast !auto shot
/cast silencing shot

I can bind Arcane Shot and Silencing Shot together because Silencing Shot does not have a Global Cooldown.

However, i will not be able to do

/cast arcane shot
/cast !auto shot
/cast serpent sting

because Arcane Shot and Serpent Sting both have Global Cooldowns.




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  1. Mate, only words of praise for you ! I play on molten for more than an year, and my first char was hunt, and ‘ur guides helped me a lot , thanx for that ! I also have some questions for u, cuz i’m a litle lost. And I need ur opinion. So as it follows, the questions:
    1. Do I need 75 spell pen for MM PVP?
    2. PVP weapons.. I play arenas and BG’s. . .so do I need 2 1h weapons or 1 2h. . .and if it’s 2 1h should i use first with 2.60 speed and second with 1.50 speed. I know that 2 1h helps in arenas with detterence but i’m interested in how much could it helped me . .i mean the time. . .i only played with 2h weapon and didn’t have problems.
    So i’m curios if 3 points in Deflection will stack with enchant Titanium weapon chain on 1h weapon. Because if it doesn’t stack ill go with more stats and that means 2h weapon.
    So thanx for ur time, i will link my armory, and i will say that i will change my Bow with Fal’inrush, and the neck with Wodin’s, so I need the weapons for a lil more resilience.
    Tnx again and keep up the good work with this awesome guides!

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