List of all 37 Tamable Moltend WOW Hunter Pet Familys, Wotlk & Cata

List of all 37 Tamable Molten WOW Hunter Pet Family’s, Wrath of the Lich King & Cataclysm

Ferocity Pets (Damage)

  1. Carrion birds (Demoralizing Screech) (Demoralizing Screech)Fi,M
  2. Cats (Rake/Prowl) (Roar of Courage/Prowl)Fi,M
  3. Hyenas (Tendon Rip) (Tendon Rip)M
  4. Moths (Serenity Dust) (Serenity Dust)B,C,Fr,F
  5. Raptors (Savage Rend) (Tear Armor)M
  6. Tallstriders (Dust Cloud) (Dust Cloud)B,C,Fr,F
  7. Wasps (Sting) (Sting)B,C,Fr,F
  8. Wolves (Furious Howl) (Furious Howl)M
  • Dogs (Lock Jaw)B,C,Fi,Fr,F,M
  • Foxes (Tailspin/Play)Fi,F,M

Exotic Ferocity Pets (Beast Master only, Damage)

  1. Core Hounds (Lava Breath) (Lava Breath/Ancient Hysteria)M
  2. Devilsaurs (Monstrus Bite) (Monstus Bite/Terrifying Roar)M
  3. Spirit Beasts (Spirit Strike/Prowl) (Roar of Courage/Spirit Mend/Spirit Walk)Fi,M

Cunning Pets (Damage Tanking Mix)

  1. Bats (Sonic Blast) (Sonic Blast)Fr,F,M
  2. Birds of Prey (Snatch) (Snatch/Trick)Fi,M
  3. DragonHawks (Fire Breath)(Fire Breath)Fi,Fr,M
  4. Nether Rays (Nether Shock) (Nether Shock)F,M
  5. Ravagers (Ravage) (Ravage)M
  6. Serpents (Poisen Spit) (Corrosive Spit)M
  7. Spiders (Web) (Web)M
  8. Sporebats (Spore Cloud) (Spore Cloud)B,C,Fr,F
  9. Wind Serpents (Lightning Breath) (Lightning Breath)B,C,Fi
  • Monkeys (Bad Manner)Fr,F,M

Exotic Cunning pets (Beast Master only, Damage Tanking Mix)

  1. Chimaeras (Froststorm Breath) (Frost Breath/Froststorm Breath)M
  2. Silithids (Venom Web Spray) (Venom Web Spray/Qiraji Fortitude)F,M

Tenacity pets (Tanking)

  1. Bears (Swipe) (Demoralizing Roar/Rest)B,C,Fi,Fr,F,M
  2. Boars (Gore) (Gore)B,C,Fi,Fr,F,M
  3. Crabs (Pin) (Pin)B,Fi,Fr,F
  4. Crocolisks (Bad Attitude) (Ankle Crack)Fi,M
  5. Gorillas (Pummel) (Pummel)B,Fr,F
  6. Scorpids (Scorpid Poison) (Clench)M
  7. Turtles (Shell Shield) (Shell Shield)B,Fi,Fr,F
  8. Warp Stalkers (Warp) (Time Warp)Fi,Fr
  • Beatles (Harden Carapace)Fr,F

Exotic Tenacity Pets (Beast Master only, Tanking)

  1. Rhinos (Stampede) (Stampede/Horn Toss)B,C,Fr,F
  2. Worms (Acid Spit) (Acid Spit/Burrow attack)B,C,F
  • Shale Spiders (Web Wrap/Embrace of the Shale Spider)Fi,M

Cannot be tamed (Oddity)

  • Hydras (Bellowing Roar)Fi,M

Note: Ghost Hydra could be tamed on retail as a Crocolisks due to a bug. In Cata Hydras where changed to there own pet family in the ferocity tree. However no known Hydras are tamable today so only people who got the Ghost Hydra before Cata have them and none are known to exist as pets on Molten-wow. Also I feel I should note that if this pet could have been included as a tamable pet on Molten’s cataclysm servers, it would have raised our pet family count to 38.

Expansion Key

  1. Wrath of the Lich King (Wotlk)
  • Added in Cataclysm (Cata)

Pet Skill Key

  1. Example pet (Wotlk family skills) (Cata family Skills) Diet key
  • Example Cata only pet (Cata family skills) Diet key

Diet Key

  • Bread=B
  • Cheese=C
  • Fish=Fi
  • Fruit=Fr
  • Fungus=F
  • Meat=M

Note: All cata pet skills are placed in a single list on my source material Pet Skills

Other resources

For more information on choosing hunter pets please check Donorbashed’s Guide. The Ultimate Post about Pets

To Browse pets in greater detail for Wotlk and Cata, Vocaloids recommends using Petopia on Wayback.


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