The Ultimate Post about Pets

One of the most asked questions about the hunter class that I’ve seen is the question on Pets. Hunters have the widest variety and choices of pets than Warlocks and Death Knights Combined. (Honestly who here really wants to only have five pets that every other Hunter has regardless of Spec?) Pets also provide us with endless hours of fun hunting rare pets. True, some hate hunting rares but I myself am an avid pet hunter and have personally caught Loque’nahak, Skoll, Gondria, King Krush, Aotona, Sambas, Terrorpene, Ghostcrawler, and many others that I’ve encountered in my days.

The main question that this wide variety, and the only problem with having such a wide variety of pets is How do I pick which pet will work for me? Well, to start figuring out which one is best, we need to do something we always have to do when you read my guides: Understand the question being asked before answering the question. 

The basics of pets are actually just this, basic. Pets have three talent trees that they use, just like we do. It’s just that instead of talent trees, they are called types. These types are as follows: Ferocity – damage, Cunning – Versatility, and Tenacity – Soloing/Survivability. They are called types because each pet only has one of these talent trees. Wolves are Ferocity, Turtles are Tenacity, and Spiders are Cunning. It’s as simple as that.

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Good News! Site Approved by Molten!

I realize that most of you guys reading this will be reading this when I release the site in a week or two that you’ll look at this like What? But here we go!

So today, when I got home I shot Arlequina a PM about being able to post this website on the Molten Forums, and I got the A-Ok, go ahead! So from here on out everything looks good and ready to be developed further. I was worried for a minute there that I would have wasted all this time and energy just to be stopped by a rule that I should have read before I bought everything for the website(year of hosting + domain comes out to about $30). Now I can really begin to develop and put all my energy into this.

Thanks guys! And thank you Molten/Arlequina!

Armor Penetration Rating (ArP) and Armor Explained

Armor penetration or ArP is renowned for being the most confusing, poorly worded, explained, and implemented stat in World of Warcraft. It is partially the reason why Blizzard decided to remove it from the game starting in Cataclysm. Thankfully, on Molten-WoW ArP is now working nearly 100% as intended, and so our lives as hunters are easier.

The reason Armor Penetration is so confusing is the way it’s worded and the simplistic way all humans like thinking. Everyone can assume that 1% Armor Penetration (14 ArP Rating) will give you a 1% damage increase. This is wrong. I realize that it seems like it would be a kind of thing you would say “no you’re wrong! 1% less Armor means 1% moar dps, but let me explain. The reason there is so much confusion as to what ArP does, and how it affects our damage comes from an incorrect understanding of Armor itself.

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