Looking for new Writers!!!

Hey everyone, I’m looking for Cataclym (4.3) writers to make hunter content, in both PvE, or PvP. If you are interested in writing for DB’s Hunter Emporium, please send a sample article covering a hunter-related topic of your choice, your name, email, ingame Character name, server, and forum username to donorbashed@donorbashed.com to be considered!


Welcome to Donorbashed’s Hunter Emporium, the only Private Server specific Hunter resource! My name is Kyle and I’m a hunter enthusiast who plays on Molten-WoW, world’s best private server. I’m also the creator of a hunter guide which has helped, and is continuing to help many start playing the hunter class in PvE as Marksman.


This site after its completion will contain content pertaining to WotlK, and Cata (4.0.6 until Molten updates to 4.3) expansions. I’m hoping to post resources pertaining to not only play styles and specs, but also pets, spells, multipliers, stats, etc. in the same direct manner that my original guide was written in.


Why is it called Donorbashed.com?

Donorbashed is the alias I wrote my guide under, and is also my main hunter’s name. I just thought it made sense.


Are you doing this to make money?

No. No, I’m not. I’m doing this because I’m an enthusiast who likes writing guides that help people. My MM guide was my first real attempt, but it was cluttered with extra information. I’m going to release this stuff with my second guide so that I may use it as a reference. I believe it will really condense everything into a more manageable format.


Will there be other writers?

When I was originally planning this website I was hoping so, but I’ve thought about it, and I don’t believe there will be. I like this being a solo project. So, for the time being aside from a proofreader and myself, there will be no one else.


Which private server are these guides meant for?

As of right now Molten-WoW is the only private server that I play regularly, and as such the resources here are meant specifically for Molten. If other servers wish to use them, they can as well. I am making this as a reference for when I post guides with difficult concepts, I can elaborate more here without detracting from the point of the help topic.

Is this site in anyway related, or affiliated with Molten-WoW?

No. This is an independently owned project by a broke college student who likes hunters. The authors, and/or contributors are neither employees, or partners of Molten-WoW (Skiddaw LTD.), nor do they own, or invest with Molten in any way.


Other than that guys, please stay tuned as we have more content coming for you guys!

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